Kid Lit Artists!? Children's Book Illustrator Event

Wednesday 17 November | 11:15-12:00

Bookbug, Storytelling, Workshop Children

Free (unticketed)

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Join this digital event to celebrate The Bongles! Children of all ages are welcome, as well as classrooms who wish to present this event during school! Presented by Bongles illustrator, Dean Queazy, children will have the opportunity to learn how to draw our quirky characters whilst engaging in a live read-along. Participants will engage with reading and also learn about book illustration.

The Bongles are an illustrated children's book series written by filmmaker Oscar Van Heek and illustrated by the Scottish artist Dean Queazy. Consisting of the shorts, TV Dinner, Monster Takeaway and Pet Washing Machine, The Bongles deliver an eco-friendly message to their readers in an offbeat and fun way. The Bongles are known for their recycling! This little group of monster friends live on a paradise-like planet far away. They reuse and repurpose items that wash up onto their planet's shore and turn trash into treasure, or even a new friend.

We can't wait to e-meet you! Please bring paper and something to draw and colour with, such as crayons or coloured pencils, and of course, your creative-thinking hat!

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