Creativity & Mindfulness for Well-being

Tuesday 16 November | 19-20:00

Panel Event / Author Reading Adults

Free (ticketed)

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Join Martin Stepek, one of Scotland's foremost mindfulness teachers, as he uses books to celebrate life and being in the moment. Also, hear how being creative and celebrating your achievements can boost your well-being.

Martin will guide you in mindfulness using readings from his own books, including mindful poetry, together with extracts of some of his favourite books which celebrate life and being in the moment. He will explain how through spending time on what you enjoy – reading, writing, composing – you can not only unwind and enjoy life but celebrate your own ability and work too, boosting your well-being. This event is about being mindful and celebrating the beauty around us for our own well-being. It's about encouraging you to be creative and curious about literature and celebrating your own achievements.

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