Checkpoint with Joe Donnelly

Thursday 18 November | 19-20:00

Panel Event / Author Reading Adults

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Video games power up minds, kick ass and save lives. Joe Donnelly, author of Checkpoint, games writer and mental health advocate, will be livestreaming gameplay on as he takes viewers on a journey through the lesser-known side of game Grand Theft Auto V, showing how it can be a vehicle for mental health support in the most unlikely of ways.

Joe will discuss Checkpoint, his own experience with video games and mental heath, and answer your questions throughout the event live in the chat. Joe may hop into some other games too, so get involved and share your own stories and game recommendations. This event is a preview of an exciting project to come in 2022 and a chance to experience first-hand the key messages of Checkpoint which will hopefully inspire you to hop straight into your own virtual worlds afterwards.

The event is free, and will be livestreamed on will open in a new window).

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