Celebrating our Guilty Pleasures in books

Monday 15 November | 09-00:00

Panel Event / Author Reading

Free (unticketed)

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Celebrating our Guilty Pleasures in books with Mairi Kidd, Sally Magnusson and Abir Mukerjee

Digital Panel event – Chaired by Mairi Kidd in conversation with Sally Magnusson and Abir Mukherjee discussing their 'Guilty Pleasures' in books.

You know those books people have in their Zoom background - the ones that make them look intelligent, informed, and well-read? Do you ever turn away from books like those and pick up a guilty pleasure book instead? From beach reads to lockdown favourites, we ask a panel of authors about their guilty pleasure reads, explore the ways that different books can suit different times, and ask whether there's ever such a thing as time wasted with a book.

This event is available on demand for free via www.glasgowlifetv.com (this will open in a new window)from Monday 15th November - 5th December 2021.

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