The Future: Perfect or Tense? A Community Writing Project

Monday 16 November | 20-21:00


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As a local community festival putting this year’s events online and missing opportunities to mingle and share experiences, we wanted a project to bring everyone together virtually in the spirit of kinship that gives our area its identity. We therefore took the Book Week Scotland theme of Future and appointed three Threadleaders to each give us their vision and create a piece to which we invited our community to contribute in prose, poetry, photography or any format that inspired them.

One thread focuses on the racism still unfortunately prevailing; one on the “escape to the hills” that we are afforded; and the third on opening your mind to achieve your aspirations. This is an exciting concept and we don’t know what the outcome may look like, so don’t yet know what shape this event may take. However, so far we have received some very interesting thoughts and our Threadleaders are busy weaving colourful tapestries. More details will appear on our website(this will open in a new window) so please check nearer the time and join us to learn what we found. Not “do not adjust your set” but, “do adjust your mind-set”!

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