Dead Girls : Gender Violence & Radical Imagination

Sunday 22 November | 16:30-17:30

Panel Event / Author Reading Adults

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Inspired by Selva Almada's Dead Girls, we have gathered a special panel to explore how Art can address painful and critical social issues, and violence against women* in particular.

Dead Girls blended fact & artifice to open a feminist space for giving voice to victims, and imagining the way our world could be if we really confronted its inequalities and injustices rather than accepting them as inevitable. Our speakers - legal scholar Sharon Cowan, feminist visual artist Camila Cavalcante, and writer Carolina Orloff who is Charco's Director and Editor - will use the book as a starting point for broader conversation.  We'll be discussing the historic and contemporary violence women face, and consider the power of fiction or story, in making parts of our world more accessible to others/ more affecting to unfamiliar readers/ more open to reimagining.

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