The Nature Library

Monday November 18 - 24 | 09-17:00

Glasgow Book Fair / Book Swap, Exhibition, Workshop

Free (unticketed)

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The Nature Library is a collection of books celebrating the power of words to connect people with land, sky and sea. As human beings we often see ourselves as separate from the natural world. But, just like the tides and the hills, we are part of nature and there has never been a more important time to reconnect. These books are here to help you do just that. Whether by painting dazzling landscapes, introducing us to flourishing flora and intelligent fauna, or exploring the challenges they each face we begin to see – really see – the wonders of our planet one word at a time, sparking curiosity and a new appreciation for nature at a time when it needs our attention the most.

Within the library you’ll find the classic and the contemporary, fiction and non-fiction, memoir, poetry, children’s books and many other branches of nature writing. We hope you find something that takes you somewhere new – to the edge of the sea, into the mountain or to the top of the tallest tree.

The pop-up library will last for two weeks, situated at Project Cafe from 18-30 November, celebrating with a launch party on Saturday 16 November 7-9pm.

Venue information

Project Cafe

163 West Princes Street

G4 9BZ

The Project Café CIC is a not-for-profit community resource, founded on good food bringing people together. We aim to provide a shared platform, holding the interests of the people, the community and the environment at the heart of it. Every day we serve a different menu based on simple and wholesome vegetarian recipes, in which we strive to incorporate the local vegetables and organic produce that Scotland offers us seasonally. Accessibility: we are situated on the 1st floor of a high rise building; access from street level is via a ramp (which is quite steep but accessible to wheelchair users) and we also have access via a lift from the reception at Fleming House. This lift is mainly for the residents of Fleming House and fits one standard wheelchair. The front door has a small ramp to access and is not an electric door, so needs to be pushed open. We have a step-free, fully accessible toilet with hand rails, easy-turn taps and door wide enough for a standard wheelchair. Many of our staff have sign language awareness and training and dementia training. We also train our team in non-violent communication and like to promote equality and accessibility for all. We can provide water for assistance dogs.

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