The Grass is Blue: Evocation of Place – Where Landscape and Language Meet

Sunday 24 November | 13:30-16:30

Beauly Adults Workshop

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How does the language of place inform what we write, and where does the conscious and unconscious evocation of place fit in with this?

This writing workshop will explore where English and Gaelic cross over, and where meaning and sense bleed into each other.

This workshop is suitable for storytellers and writers of all genres (novelists, poets, dramatists, short fiction) and proficiency or knowledge of Gaelic is not required – just a receptive openness is needed. You'll come away inspired with startling new perceptions of the world around you, some new stories and a greater awareness of Gaelic.

The workshop leader is Gaelic poet, writer, musician and broadcaster Marcas Mac an Tuairneir:

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Moniack Mhor



Fully wheelchair accessible.

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