Oor Wullie and Friends

Saturday 23 November | 11-12:00

Glasgow Children Panel Event / Author Reading, Storytelling, Workshop

Free (unticketed)

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact the venue directly.

0141 287 2929

Thig còmhla ri Cuilean Craicte agus neach-dealbhachaidh Tom Morgan-Jones airson spòrs is fealla-dhà le Uilleam Againne is a chàirdean. Dèan dealbh no dhà, feuch cuid dhe na geamannan as fheàrr le Uilleam is èist gu dlùth ach am freagair thu na ceistean aig an deireadh airson cothrom air soor ploom no dhà!

Join Cuilean Craicte and illustrator Tom Morgan-Jones for fun and games with Uilleam Againne (Oor Wullie) and friends – in Gaelic! Draw along with Tom, try some of Uilleam's favourite games and listen carefully so you can answer the quiz questions at the end for the chance to win a soor ploom or two!

This event is suitable for ages 6-10 years.

Venue information

The Mitchell Library

201 North Street

G3 7DN

Accessible across five floors, with staff on hand to assist and guide.

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