Four Borders

Sunday 24 November | 10:30-13:00

Dumfries and Galloway Adults Workshop

Paid (ticketed)

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact the venue directly.

01557 814 175

A writers workshop with poet and translator George Szirtes.

Join George in an exploration of the meaning of borders by way of what Auden called 'the auditory imagination'. The Muses may be the Daughters of Memory, but Memory is the twin sister of Imagination (aka Fancy), from whom she is rarely separated.

George will guide you towards writing a poem that consists of four distinct but interrelated parts, the interrelationship being as subjective or mysterious as you like:

1. a border you have actually crossed yourself

2. a border-crossing you have read about or seen in a film or photo

3. an imagined border-crossing between two imagined places

4. a border between two states of mind or heart.

Bring along anything that may be of use, such as photographs, postcards, bits of text in the form of cuttings or excerpts to discuss in the group.

The order of the four parts may be changed once written, and even then modified.

An exciting opportunity to work alongside a master of his craft, followed by a light lunch at The Bakehouse.

Price: £15.00. Maximum number 15.

To book: email or telephone 01557 814 175/07891 803 027.

Venue information

The Bakehouse

44 High Street
Gatehouse of Fleet


Removable ramp to the entrance. Adapted toilet. Small steps into the auditorium.

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