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Book Week Scotland 2020 vote results

This year we asked the question: if the year 2020 were a book, which book would it be?

For Book Week SCotland 2020 we asked the public to nominate their favourite book that could sum up the unprecedented events we've lived through this year, such as the Coronavirus pandemic, political upheavals, climate change and civil rights movements. You can browse the full shortlist here.

We're excited to reveal that Lockdown(this will open in a new window) by Peter May topped the Book Week Scotland poll for 2020. The mystery thriller, set against the background of a deadly influenza pandemic, gained 30% of the votes. May wrote the novel in 2005, but it was rejected by publishers as being unrealistic. During COVID-19, the book was finally published against the background of lockdowns taking place across the UK.

The top ten list includes a mixture of classic novels and new bestsellers, from George Orwell’s 1984 to The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. As well as pandemics, topical issues explored in the books include social change, political upheaval and racism.

The top ten:

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