Book of the Month: None of the Above

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Start date: 25 August 2022, 09:00

Closing date: 28 September 2022, 23:59

Topics: Competitions

We have five copies of None of the Above by Travis Alabanza to be won, thanks to our friends at Canongate.

In this important book, the award-winning writer, performer and theatre maker unpacks seven sentences people have directed at them about their gender identity. Sentences that have impacted them for better and for worse, and the impact of society's attitudes on the author.

All you need to do is answer the question at the bottom of the page for a chance to win. Entries close on Wednesday 28 September at midnight. All entrants must reside in the UK and full terms and conditions apply.

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Q&A with Travis Alabanza

What inspired you to write None of the Above?

I'm always inspired by a gap, and where I can write into that gap. In this case, the gap felt like a piece of trans non-fiction that was published in the UK by someone who is not white, is outside of male and female, but also as a place for non-fiction to ask more questions than necessarily answer. I feel like trans issues are so scrutinized, that we have to be perfect spokespeople – and I wanted to write something that felt imperfect. 

What can readers expect from your book?

Readers can expect to gain a deeper insight into gender non conformity, and their own relationship to the gender binary. I hope it feels like being transported into multiple different worlds, with lots of questions, and even if they may feel like worlds far from their own – that they leave it realising it is not so different.

What advice would you give to young people who would love to pursue a career in the arts?

Don't wait to feel like you are ready, instead just try and give it a go. And that I think some of the best art is found in failure, so who really cares if you mess up.