Bookbug Book of the Month: Just Because

Competition type: Early Years

Start date: 07 January 2020, 10:00

Closing date: 02 February 2020, 23:59

Language: English
Audience: Families, 3-5

We have five copies of Just Because by Mac Barnett and Isabelle Arsenault to give away. Just answer the question below for a chance to win. Entries close at midnight on Sunday 2 February 2020.

Why is the ocean blue? What is rain? What happened to the dinosaurs? It might be time for bed, but one child is too full of questions about the world to go to sleep just yet. Little ones and their parents or carers will be charmed and delighted as a patient father offers up increasingly creative responses to his child’s night-time wonderings.

'This is a quirky, quick, fantastical look at the ‘why’ questions kids ask. It is not a book that will give you the truth, but a book that will allow you to use your imagination – and can spark funny conversations! It's beautifully illustrated as well. I particularly loved the last question and answer: Why do we have to sleep? Because there are some things we can only see with our eyes closed. What a wonderful reason to rush to bed, no matter what your age.'

- Ruth Boreham, Early Years Outreach Administrator

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What animal cuddles up for a bedtime story on the cover of Just Because? Cat, bird or dog?