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Brilliant books for young readers

Age group: 6-8

Scottish Book Trust's Sarah Mallon has some lovely recommendations for 6-9-year-olds!

These reviews were originally posted in The Scotsman(this will open in a new window) (12 October 2019)

Antony Shugaar Catharina Vackx Zanzibar

Zanzibar has been an ordinary crow all of his life, but just once, he would like to do something extraordinary, particularly something that could get him featured in the newspaper. This leads to his bizarre mission to lift a dromedary! Authhor and illustrator Catharina Vackx and translator Antony Shugaar bring to life a quirky and lovable character whose attempts to get noticed are a bit ridiculous, but an absolute delight to read about.

Corrinne Averiss Sébastien Pelon Hope

Hope is a beautifully illustrated picture book that can help children of all ages to find light in difficult times. It follows Finn and his dog Comet who are the best of friends, so when Comet doesn’t want to play together anymore, Finn knows something serious must be wrong. While Comet is at the vet, symbols of hope shine brightly from the pages amidst Finn’s worries and loneliness in this touching story.

John Dougherty Katie Abey Mark and Shark: Detectiving and Stuff

When a polar bear asks Mark and Shark for some help with her ice cream business, they are quick to get involved, but before they know it they’re caught up in serious ice cream rivalry and trying to get to the bottom of a mystery too! Kids are in for a hilarious read, with both author John Dougherty and illustrator Katie Abey packing loads of silly humour into the words and pictures to keep them entertained.

Briony May Smith Katherine Woodfine Sophie Takes to the Sky

Katherine Woodfine takes inspiration from the life of Sophia Blanchard, the first female hot-air balloonist, in her charming new release. Sophie is presented as a timid little girl whose extensive list of fears is difficult to overcome, until her dream of flying helps her to challenge them. The story is simple and heart-warming, with beautiful illustrations by Briony May Smith, and young readers are sure to be empowered by Sophie’s courage by the end.