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Phil Earle

Language: English
Genre: Family, Fiction, Humour, Identity
Age group: 6-8, 9-11

Watch this event to hear about Phil's Storey Street books, including Demolition Dad and Superhero Street! These books explore themes of friendship, bullying, mental health and wellbeing. 

Tune in now to get inspired and start imagining what stories are happening on your street!

You can also download our learning resource full of fun activities associated with this broadcast from the bottom of the page.

If you only do one thing

If you're inspired to explore Phil's books further with your class why not use this activity around the theme of self-belief (below) or download our resource full of fun and cross curricular activities inspired by the Storey Street series.

Self-belief HWB 1-03a, HWB 2-03a, HWB 1-04a, HWB 2-04a

Kay, the main character in Phil's book Scaredy Cat, Scaredy Cat has very little self-belief, and yet she has many positive qualities. Help your class to appreciate themselves and others with this activity.

Cut sheets of A4 paper lengthways in half to form paper strips and write the name of one child at the top of each strip. Explain to the children that you are going to pass these around and they will write a word or phrase which describes a positive attribute about the person named at the top. They will then fold this over so only the name can be seen and will pass the slip to another classmate to add their note. This will continue until they have all commented on at least 10 classmates. These can then be given to the named person for them to unravel and realise how much they are appreciated by their peers.

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