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Nick Sharratt: Top tips for drawing

Language: English
Genre: Art, Classics, Family, Humour, Illustration
Age group: 6-8, 9-11

Watch illustrator Nick Sharratt discuss his work and ideas, and get top tips for creating your own cast of characters! Nick is best known for his illustration work with Jacqueline Wilson and Julia Donaldson, and in this event you will learn how Nick creates some of his most famous characters, including Tracy Beaker and Daisy. 

There are lots of cross-curricular activities you can do with pupils before or after watching the broadcast in the learning resource, available to download below.

If you only do one thing

We know time is tight, so here is just one activity you could do with your class before or after watching the broadcast. 

What emotion? LIT 2-02a, ENG 1-03a, LIT 2-09a, LIT 2-10a, HWB 2-01a

In the event, Nick discusses and shows how he conveys emotion through his drawing. He focuses on the face of Cave Man Dave and explores expression. Divide your class into pairs. Give them a list of different emotions, including happy, sad, angry, shocked, confused, anxious, ecstatic and so on. Ask the pairs to take it in turns to act out the emotions using their facial expression. As a group discuss what happens to their face during each emotion. What happens to their mouth, eyes or eyebrows? Hand out paper and ask pupils to draw a face to show each of the emotions. Pupils can keep these expression sheets as reference to help them when illustrating other stories or creative writing in class. 

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A full transcript of this event is available to download.

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