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Malorie Blackman

Language: English
Genre: History, Identity, Politics
Age group: 12-14, 15-18

Watch this broadcast to hear Malorie Blackman discuss why reading matters and her journey to writing; what inspired her and the challenges she overcame. She also offers top tips for writing- her discussion is sure to engage and entrall your pupils! 

You can also download the Malorie Blackman learning activities(this will open in a new window) for lots of cross-curricular ideas on how to explore Noughts & Crosses with pupils.

If you only do one thing

We know time is tight, so here is just one activity you could complete with your pupils before or after watching this broadcast. If you have more time, you can download the learning activities linked below.

I have a dream: write a political speech SOC 3-06b, ENG 3-27a

Start by watching Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech “I Have a Dream(this will open in a new window)”. What do you notice about the words he uses? Which words and phrases does he repeat? Next, investigate the history of rhetoric and discuss the purpose of rhetoric: who uses it, for what reasons and what are some of its techniques? The New York Timeshas an extensive resource(this will open in a new window) on argument writing. Now discuss with pupils what they think would make your school, local community or wider community a better place. Ask each to write a list of five "dreams" they have. Using the techniques they have learnt on rhetoric and argument writing, ask pupils to write a speech about how they will make the world a better place.

For shorter clips from this event visit the BBC Scotland Learning(this will open in a new window) website.

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