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Charlie Higson

Language: English
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Humour
Age group: 9-11, 12-14

Charlie Higson talks about his love of horror, zombies and his books The Enemy and The Dead to an audience of the teenage undead.

You can download a full transcript of this event if needed.

If you only do one thing

If you are pushed for time but would like to do an activity inspired by Charlie's books, why not try this?

Movie making LIT 3-26a, LIT 3-27a, LIT 3-31a, LIT 4-26a, LIT 4-27a, LIT 4-31a

Books are often made into films. Ask pupils to discuss as a group whether The Enemy or The Dead would make a good film. Is there a particular scene you can envisage? Which parts would be difficult to make into a movie?

Choose a scene from either novel and change it from a narrative into a script. Think about using adverbs such as "nervously", "cautiously" or "furiously" as stage directions in brackets before a character’s speech. Using these will help develop characterisation, action and atmosphere.

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