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Your Stories scrievin prompt: Makkin it hame

A creative writin prompt based on the theme o Scotland's Stories

Language: Scots

Last updated: 13 June 2022

Scottish Book Trust is celebratin Scotland's Year o Stories 2022(this will open in a new window) by speirin the fowk o Scotland tae share their true stories as pairt o oor annual scrievin project, Your Stories. This scrievin prompt is tae help ye wi comin up wi ideas and stairtin writin.

Whit maks a place feel like hame? How dae ye mak somewhaur yer hame? Whitever wey ye've come tae find yersel in Scotland, whether ye've bided here aw yer days or are a new Scot, we'd luve tae hear yer real-life stories aboot findin yer place and makkin a place yer hame.

Wairm-up exercise: Things ye luve maist

Whit thing dae ye own that ye luve maist? It could be somethin that wis gied tae ye or that ye inheritit, somethin ye makkit or bought for yersel, or somethin that represents somethin faur mair muckle. Picture thon item as vieve as ye can, or set it in front o ye if thon's a thing ye can dae.

Set a timer for five meenits and scrieve whitever comes intae yer heid aboot thon object. Dinnae cross onythin oot or read whit ye've scrieved afore the timer gangs aff. This is jist tae get yer mind and yer pen movin – dinnae fash aboot whether it’s 'guid' or no! Yaise yer five senses tae focus back ontae the object if ye feelin yersel gawin aff on a tangent. Whit daes it smell and luik like? How daes it feel, taste and soond?

At the end o the five meenits, luik back ower whit ye've scrieves. Is there onythin that surprises ye? Daes onythin maks ye think aboot the object in a new wey, or is there ony contradictions? Daes whit ye've scrieved tell ye onythin aboot yersel, or the wey ye feel? Think aboot the mood and tone o whit ye've scrieved – is there a certain emotion or feelin that comes through?

Brainstorm: Thinkin aboot 'hame'

Think aboot whit 'hame' means tae yersel. It micht be a mixter-maxter o different places, fowk and feelins. Whaur are aw the different places ye've cawed hame? Whit did ye tak wi ye tae each place, and whit did ye find there? Whit pairt dae yer notions o 'hame' play when it comes tae findin yer place in the warld?

Yaise bullet pynts tae scribble doon whit comes tae mind when ye think aboot the wird 'hame'. Hae a swatch at yer list wance ye're feenished and try tae sort oot yer bullet pynts intae categories – feelins, places, fowk, things, likesay. Thon lists will help ye get stairtit on yer scrievin, and gie ye some insichts intae whit the maist important pairts micht be for ye.

Stairt scrievin!

It's time tae pit pen tae paper and scrieve yer bittin. Yaisin yer ain real-life experiences, scrieve aboot makkin somewhaur yer hame, and whit thon means or has meant tae ye. Ye could focus yer scrievin on a certain object like ye did in the wairm-up exercise – it could be somethin ye've taen wi ye frae hame tae hame or somethin new ye've fund that represents the place ye've makkit yer ain.

Whether ye've bided here yer hale life, flittit here as a bairn or are a new Scot, ye could think aboot whit ye've fund here and whit wey Scotland has shaped yer sense o sel and yer sense o hame.