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Your Stories scrievin prompt: Findin Ma Place

A creative writin prompt based on the theme o Scotland's Stories

Language: Scots

Last updated: 13 June 2022

Scottish Book Trust is celebratin Scotland's Year o Stories 2022(this will open in a new window) by speirin the fowk o Scotland tae share their true stories as pairt o oor annual scrievin project, Your Stories. This scrievin prompt is tae help ye wi comin up wi ideas and stairtin writin.

Thon moment ye find a place whaur ye feel ye really belang is a smashin thing. Awbody deserves a place whaur they feel maist in their element, safe and siccar and able tae be themsels. For this year's Your Stories project, we're speirin the fowk o Scotland tae tell us their true life tales o findin their place.

Whaur is the place ye feel maist like yersel? How did ye find it, and how did ye ken when ye got there? Is it a landscape, a buildin, a bunch o fowk or a language? Whaurever yer place is, we want tae ken yer story.

Yaise this scrievin prompt tae set aff on yer creative journey, then send in yer scrievin tae oor Your Stories project for the chance tae be furthset in a free book gied oot durin Book Week Scotland.

Wairm-up: Ilka-day places

Think aboot the places you see frae day tae day. This could be shops or buildins ye gang past on a regular journey. It could be the bits of yer hame that ye potter aroond while ye're gettin aboot yer daily business. It could be a daunder ye tak in yer time aff, or the place whaur ye gang through yer mornin routines, like brushin yer teeth or gettin yersel ready for wirk.

Think aboot yin or mair of thon places and try tae scrieve doon aw the things ye mind aboot them. Whit daes thon place luik like? How daes it mak ye feel? Think haird aboot the places ye gang through and try tae capture them wi yer wirds. The next time ye're gangin through yin o thon places, try and luik at it wi fresh een.


Gang doon through yer camera roll on yer phone or find a photie album and mak a list o the places that come up again and again. Think aboot the fowk that ye see maist o in thon pictures. Whit are the places that hostit ye in yer maist important memories? Whit photies are the yins whaur ye luik maist at ease?

Pick oot five photies and scrieve a paragraph for each yin explainin whit wey ye were in thon place and whit ye saw, felt or lugged intae there. Scrieve aboot wha was wi ye. Dae thon locations feel byordinar tae ye? Dae the fowk that are in thon pictures mak ye feel safe? How dae thon images set oot the story o you?

Stairt scrievin

Lost and fund

Think o somethin that ye've lost or mind o a time when ye've been lost yersel. If ye're thinkin o a thing ye lost, scrieve aboot whit it wis like tae loss it or how ye'd feel if ye were tae fund it again. If ye're thinkin o a time that ye were lost yersel, scrieve aboot how ye fund yer wey hame. Ye could scrieve this bittie frae yer ain pynt o view, or frae the pynt o view o the thing ye lost, or the place that ye were lost in.

Findin ma community

Think aboot the communities and spaces ye feel ye belang. This could be a club tae dae wi an activity or a mair muckle community o fowk that ye've got a lot in common wi, likesay the LGBTQ+ community. Forby, it could be a community ye're jist new tae but ye still feel like ye're pairt o. Scrieve aboot findin this community, how ye felt when ye fund it and how you came tae feel like ye belanged there.

Ma dream place

Is there a place, community or bunch o fowk ye hivnae fund yet but that ye howp wid welcome ye? Hiv ye a journey comin up that micht tak ye somewhaur ye can really relax and be yersel? Scrieve aboot yer hopes for the future and try tae describe this byordinar place ye hivnae fund yet. Ye could scrieve this as an accoont o how ye'll feel wance ye're there. Likesay, 'Wance ah find the person ah've been luikin for, ah'll lowp for joy.' Or, ye could scrieve it as a letter tae yer future sel: 'Dear me, A few years syne ah could never hae imagined feelin this happy and gled.'