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Writing exercise: items of the future

Creative writing exercises based on the theme Future

Last updated: 27 April 2020

Warm up: Future of items

Look around you and choose a few objects. These can be natural or man-made, but preferably a mix of both. Write a few sentences about whether you think these things have a future. Will they still be here in 100 years? What will happen to the actual object over a period of time? If it’s man made, will we still be making it? Perhaps imagine a world in which we don’t.

Brainstorm: Carrying our physical world into the future

“All cities are incipient ruins… the ruin is there already, beneath the shining street.” David Farrier, Footprints

Draw a line down along a sheet of paper in the form of a timeline. Write the word small at one end, and large at the other.

Populate the lines with things that won’t disappear quickly, that will live on into the future. Order them by size; a plastic bead might end up at one end, and a building or a tanker ship at the other end.

Think about objects we currently use and rely on but will leave behind as a future fossils: roads, space junk, buildings. How will these future fossils be discovered, and what will they say about us?

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