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Writing exercise: Carrying ourselves into the future

Creative writing exercises based on the theme Future

Last updated: 21 April 2020

Warm up exercise: your life

Think of the last five years of your life. Write one sentence for each year. It doesn’t have to explain or sum up that year, but can simply be a memory from each year. Now write one sentence for each of the next five years to come. These can be your intentions or simply your thoughts on what those years might look like.

Brainstorm: carrying ourselves into the future 

Not a moment to lose”

Think about the moments you choose to carry with you. Think about both the big life events and the small quiet ones that don’t make the headlines, but you nonetheless think about often. What makes an experience memorable? Are your memories a mix of happy and sad moments? When these moments come back to you, what’s the form they take? Consider what causes you to remember these moments. Does a smell, a book, a food or a phrase ever being a memory back to you?

Start Writing

Send us your story

As part of our annual writing project - Your Stories(this will open in a new window) - we’re asking people all over Scotland to submit true stories inspired by this year’s theme, Future, including stories of a future they imagine for themselves.

Even if you’ve never written before, we'd love to hear from you. Your story can be in written, audio or video form. You could write a story, poem, play, letter, or even a comic strip! We'd love to receive stories in Scots and Gaelic too.

Every entry will appear on our website(this will open in a new window) and a selection will be published in a free book for Book Week Scotland(this will open in a new window), our national celebration of books and reading.

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