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Writing exercise: a single day

Creative writing exercises based on the theme Future

Last updated: 04 May 2020

Warm up: ritual

We all predict the immediate future through a web of daily rituals, laying a plan for the day. Think about changing one of your most basic habits. This habit could be as simple as brushing your hair, sleeping in a bed or wearing shoes. What impact would changing that habit have on your future? Would it affect the lives of those around you?

Brainstorm: how far away is the future?

When we say “that’s in the future” or “planning for the future” what do we mean? How far away is our perception of the future? 

Think about your personal sense of future. How far away is it? Do you think someone from a different place or in a different position would change that? Would a refugee, or someone in wartime, have a different perspective, perhaps? Does your age change your perception of how far away the future is?

How do you go about planning for things that are years away? Can a single day ever be truly “in the future”? 

Start writing

Write about a time that you planned for something that was a long way off, or you needed to wait a long time in order for it to come to pass. Was the thing you were waiting for what you expected?

“It seemed like forever, waiting for...”

Write about a time when your future changed in a very short space of time. What happened in that period to shift things so dramatically? 

“I never guessed my life could change in a day...”

Think about an event in the future – either still in the future, or something you had to plan for in the future. Can you break the period of time you waited or are waiting, into a series of chunks? Write a paragraph for each chunk of time.