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Whaur I wis when we celebratit – sensory scrievin prompt

Creative writing exercises based on the theme of Celebration

Language: Scots
Genre: Inspiration
Age group: Adults
Audience: Adults

Last updated: 14 June 2021

It’s been said a hunner times ower this past twal months – these are by-ordinar times we’re livin through. We’re aw luikin forrit tae the end o the pandemic, sae that we’ll be able tae celebrate wi oor luved yins, but forby thon, we’ll be celebratin owercomin the virus baith in oor communities and as a hale across wider society.

We’d like ye tae tell us aboot yer memories o a celebration afore noo that wis shared across communities – likesay, dae ye mind o V.E. day or the muin landin? Were ye oot at a street pairty for the Siller or Gowden Jubilees? How did ye celebrate when gay mairriage wis legalised, or when the Berlin Waw came doon, or when Nelson Mandela wis set free? Were ye ever at an openin ceremony for the Olympic or Commonwealth Gemmes? Has yer team ever celebratit a win by hurlin through toon in an open-tap bus?

Wairm up Exercise Wird Bank

Think o a place ye ken weel – mebbe yer livin room, or the bus ye tak tae schuil or tae wark, yer office or the corner shop – and scrieve it doon at the tap of yer page or document.

Mak a list o wirds that spring intae yer heid when ye imagine this place. Whit can ye see and hear? Whit can ye smell or touch? Is it bricht or mirkie? Wheesht or full o bletherin? Try tae think aboot aw yer senses as ye come up wi yer list.

Dae ony o the wirds in yer list rin conter tae each ither? Dae ony mak an unco twasome, or surprise ye? Dae they pit ye in mind o a certain feelin or atmosphere?

Brainstorm moments ye’ve celebratit

Mak a list o important cultural ongauns ye’ve lived through and celebratit. These could be celebratin the legalisation of gay mairriage, gawin radge when yer team won the cup, or watchin Neil Armstrong walk on the muin.

Think aboot whit the events on yer list hae in common, and whaur they’re different. Whit anes feel maist personal tae yersel, or haud the maist importance in yer life? Whaur dae ye think you or oor society wad be if thae events hadnae happened?

Stairt scrievin

Noo it’s time tae tak inspiration frae yer word bank and yer brainstorm and get scrievin! Pick a cultural ongaun or event that ye celebratit tae focus on, and mak shair tae think aboot the sensory experience o yer celebration. Whit ye scrieve could be set oot like a diary entry, a poem or a short story.


Herald Information Systems gaithers mindins o Live Aid frae fowk aw roond the warld(this will open in a new window) – them that were there in person, as weel as them that were watchin frae their livin rooms.