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How We Celebrate – scrievin prompt

Language: Scots
Genre: Inspiration
Topics: Scots

Last updated: 14 June 2021

Though the weys we celebrate are mebbe luikin a bittie different the noo, there are still weys we can share in celebratin.

Whether it’s a wee rewaird efter a job weel duin or a muckle pairty when we reach oor milestanes, we aw hae oor ain weys o celebratin. This scrievin exercise is a wey tae set forrit yer ain methods o celebratin in functional scrievin. Functional scrievin is scrievin that has a practical purpose ahint it, sic as recipes, adverts or instruction manuals.

Yer piece could be a tae-dae list o things ye dae in the rin-up tae a celebration, a map o aw the airts ye’ve celebratit in, or a recipe wi aw the ingredients ye’ll need tae celebrate your wey. Whitever wey ye want tae celebrate, we want tae hear aboot it.

Wairm up: Objects

Luik at the space aroond ye and think aboot the objects ye can see. Think o whit thae objects are used for. Whit is it that ye dae wi them? When ye’re ready, scrieve a list o 10 objects and pit doon whit they’re used for. Ye can be totally practical aboot this, or ye can gie a wee bit personality tae the objects. When ye’ve listed 10 objects and whit they’re used for, think o some uses for objects that arenae aroond ye richt noo. Scrieve 5 mair objects and their uses doon.


A pen – for scrievin a braw story.

A cup o tea – for drinkin when I cannae think o whit tae scrieve.

Brainstorm: Sensory celebration

Think o a moment in yer life that wis wirth celebratin. This could be as simple as catchin a train ye thocht ye were gonnae miss, brewin a stoatin cup o tea, or findin yer favourite luxury item on sale. It could be a moment that wis important mainly tae yersel, like a weddin, or important tae loads o fowk, like the Muin landin.

When ye’ve settled on yer moment, scrieve a list o aw the sensations ye can mind o aboot thon celebration. How did ye feel? Whit could ye smell, see, taste or touch? Think o wha else wis in the room. Whit colours could ye see? Wis it pure bedlam, or wis it aw wheesht? Come up wi as mony o these as ye can.

Stairt scrievin


Write a recipe o the ingredients ye need tae celebrate. This could be an actual recipe for a birthday cake or a by-ordinar meal, or a list o items or fowk ye ayeweys need tae celebrate in yer ain wey. Scrieve how ye pit aw these things thegither tae mak somethin special. Mind as weel that recipes need specific instructions.

e.g. Noo add a skailin o the unexpectit. Kirn it in wi the mixter-maxter o plannin and excitement till it’s melled in guid and richt.

Fur inspiration, hae a swatch at these twa opposin relationship recipes(this will open in a new window) frae the Blue Horizon Counselling and Mediation website.


Scrieve an invitation tae a celebration. Ye can include the time, date, place, dress code or onythin else ye’ve a mind tae. This could be an invitation tae a by-ordinar moment in history or a personal event frae yer ain life.

Fur inspiration, hae a deek at some o the maist thochtie weddin invitations(this will open in a new window) gawin!

Lanely Herts

Scrieve a lanely herts style advert for a person ye’d like tae celebrate wi.

Fur inspiration, mind o the wirds frae Escape by Rupert Holmes, they’re gey specific, and aw aboot attitude raither than luiks:

              If you like piña coladas
              And gettin' caught in the rain
              If you're not into yoga
              If you have half a brain
              If you like makin' love at midnight
              In the dunes on the cape
              Then I'm the love that you've looked for
              Write to me and escape


Scrieve directions tae follae a journey ye’ve been on that ye’d like tae celebrate. This could be pittin ower key moments throughoot a relationship or settin doon interactions that took place inower a certain space.

e.g. Stairt yer relationship in Glesga, whaur yese first met. Daunder 2 years doon the road tae 123 Book Street, the first flat yese shared thegither. Hing a left efter ye get the cat.

Forby, ye could mebbe draw this as a map wi descriptions scrieved on it, or ye could map oot the maist important places for yer relationship on Google maps and tell yer story thon wey.