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Celebrating Ithers, a letter tae somebody wirth celebratin – scrievin prompt

Creative writing exercises based on the theme of Celebration

Language: Scots
Genre: Inspiration
Age group: 15-18, Adults
Audience: Adults
Topics: Scots

Last updated: 14 June 2021

It mebbe disnae feel like it jist noo, but celebration is still a muckle pairt o oor everday lives.

Whether it’s congratulatin oorsels on that stoatin cup o tea we jist brewed, takkin pleisure in a memory we’ll never forget or reflectin on thon special person that maks oor life that wee bit mair douce, celebration allous us tae bide in the noo and tae tak tent o whit’s important in oor lives.

'Scrievin letters is the anely wey o pittin thegither solitude and guid company.' Lord Byron

Haein a guid blether wi oor freends, luved yins and faimily has been a richt fankle ower this past year. We’ve mebbe duin whit we could wi Zoom caws, but mony o us are sairly missin thon yin-on-yin quality time wi the fowk that ayeweys seem tae make life a bittie better.

Sae why no try communicatin in a different wey. Let thon special person ken how muckle they mean tae ye by scrievin a letter tae them.

It micht inspire ithers tae tak a meenit tae celebrate the fowk in their ain lives that hae helped them. And we could aw dae wi a wee bit mair celebration the noo!

Wairm-up exercise

'[…]awfie great [fowk] mak ye feel like you, forby, can become great.' – Mark Twain

Pit doon three columns on a bit o paper. In the first scrieve doon the names o some fowk in yer life ye think deserve tae be celebratit. In the second, list aff some o the things aboot thon person that mak them sae special tae ye. In the third, think aboot some times when thae things hae helped ye in yer ain life. Frae forcin ye tae face somethin aboot yersel heid-on tae helpin ye heal durin a haird time.


Think aboot yer feelins and memories o the times ye’ve jist pit doon. How were they important? Mebbe ye were a bairn and shair as onythin ye were aboot tae get a richt tellin-aff, anely tae be treatit insteid wi kindness. Wis a freend a source o licht tae ye durin an especially dairk time in yer life?

Try thinkin aboot some o the scenarios in ablow and pittin doon jist a pickle wirds, images or sentences that come tae mind.

Luikin back:

Luikin forrit:

In the noo with faimily:

Stairt scrievin

Noo that ye ken whit moments ye’d like tae concentrate on and whit wey they were important it’s time tae stairt scrievin.


Delicious magazine peyed three o the day’s best scrievers aboot scran tae scrieve a letter tae the cooks that had inspired them – check oot Letter tae ma Food Hero(this will open in a new window) tae see how they got on.