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6 ways to celebrate Bookbug's Big Birthday at home

There are so many ways to celebrate Bookbug Week from home this year! Here are a few ideas to get you started.
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Last updated: 18 May 2020

Join an online Bookbug Session

Tune in to Bookbug’s facebook(this will open in a new window) live on Friday 22 May at 10am to join a very special Bookbug Session to celebrate Bookbug’s birthday. Sing as loud as you can and enjoy some of the classic songs and rhymes that your little one loves at their regular Bookbug Sessions. If you can’t make it on Friday, you can watch it later, or have your own Bookbug Session at home with our online session. Look out for online Bookbug Sessions from your local library service too!

Make a Bookbug birthday card

Help Bookbug celebrate turning 10 by making a birthday card. You could use the crayons or pencils and drawing pads from your child’s Bookbug Bags, or anything you have to hand. Watch our daily drawalongs with Bookbug’s creator Debi Gliori for inspiration, and learn how to draw Bookbug or let your child choose what they’d like to draw. We’d love to see a photo of their drawings!

Sing and dance along with Sprog Rock’s new tune

Bookbug’s friends at Sprog Rock have written a brand new birthday song, inspired by their visits to Buchlyvie Nursery in Glasgow, and the children’s thoughts about what turning 10 means. It’s available on the free Bookbug app from Wednesday 20 May, but you can enjoy lots of other great songs and rhymes on the app now. You could ask your little one what they might like to be when they’re bigger and the things they’d like to do too.

Rediscover your old Bookbug Bag books

Children love rediscovering things from when they were smaller just as much as grown-ups do. If you still have them, get out one of your child’s Bookbug Bag books, watch one of our films of 10 classic stories, or have a look through our list of all the books that have ever been in the Bookbug Bags, and see how many you’ve enjoyed together!

Then cuddle up and enjoy our films of the new books in this year’s Bookbug Bags.

Talk about getting bigger and growing up

Take turns and measure each other, or get siblings or even favourite toys involved too. (If you have your height chart from your Bookbug Toddler Bag you could use that.) Try reaching up together to see how big you can make yourselves or crouch down low to see how small you can be. (Cheating by standing on tip toes is definitely allowed here.) Talk about how old your child is, and how old they’ll be on their next birthday. You could sing a counting song(this will open in a new window) too, and make a special point of the number that matches their age!

Have a teddy bear birthday party

Bookbug’s birthday celebrations have to be at home this year so why not hold a teddy bear party picnic? You could ask your wee one what their toy friends might want to eat and help them pretend to set it all out. Talk about what songs to (try the online Bookbug Session for inspiration) or choose your little one’s favourite story and read it to their friends. You could even invite granny, grandpa or other friends and family to join in the fun with a group call – remember to tell them to bring their teddies too!

Find more ways to join in with Bookbug Week online here.

If you’re looking for more ideas or ways to have fun together after Bookbug Week, try our home activities hub, which includes activities for older siblings too.

Happy Bookbug Week!

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