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All relevant links and email addresses are listed together at the bottom of the page. Introduction. Scottish Book Trust is the leading agency for the promotion of reading, writing and literature in Scotland. If you are interested in content that is accessible to anyone with a general interest in books and writing, the Reading section is the best places to look. If you have any feedback or comments regarding accessibility issues on this website, please contact us on info@scottishbooktrust.com(this will open in a new window) or by calling 0131 524 0160. Help with specific types of content on our website. Making Text Larger. Basic text size can be increased and decreased on most browsers by pressing Ctrl and + or – (for Mac use the Apple key and + or -). You may also need to go to your browser’s View menu and select ‘Zoom text only’ to achieve the right results. If you want more control over the type and size of font, go into the Tools menu and select Internet Options (for Firefox/Safari go to the Preferences menu) and you will find further Text options in the Content section. Changing Colours. Internet Explorer. You can set the colours for text and background in your browser’s Tools menu. Select Internet Options then Accessibility. Click in the white square next to 'Ignore colours specified on web pages'. In the Internet Options box select Colours. Another box will open. Uncheck the box marked Use Windows colours, and click the rectangle to the right of 'Text' and choose a text colour (eg yellow). Click the rectangle to the right of 'Background' and choose a background colour (eg black). Click the OK button or tab to the OK button and press Enter. Mozilla Firefox. You can set the colours for text and background in your browser’s Preferences menu. Select the Content tab. Under the 'Fonts & Colours' heading click on 'Colours…'. Unselect the tick box next to 'Allow pages to choose their own colors…', and you can now set your own choices of colours for text, background and links. For further help on how to tailor your computer's display to your requirements consult the BBC website's extensive guide. Venue. Unfortunately, Sandeman House is not wheelchair accessible at this time. However, there may be something we can do to accommodate persons with certain mobility impairments. Please note, Sandeman House does not currently have an induction loop. If you have any questions regarding access to the building or gardens, please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing info@scottishbooktrust.com(this will open in a new window) or calling 0131 524 0160. 


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