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September 2019 winners

Our prompt for September 2019 was to write a story featuring buttons

Congratulations to the winners of our August 2019 competition. Feeling inspired? Have a go at this month's prompt.

Adult winner

Andy Hedgecock

He’s slouched between piles of unsold memoirs and posters celebrating his ‘90s peak – microphone, guitar and floppy hair.

Suddenly, she's gazing at him.

Fortified by recognition, he produces his trademark smile and brandishes a pen.

She approaches. “You were great as Buttons in last year’s panto.”

His smile evaporates.

Gaelic winner

Màiri E. NicLeòid

B’ ann an sin a bha e, an tuba, làn dhiubh – am putan flùrach a thàinig bho bhlobhsa a màthair; am fear pinc a b’ àbhaist a bhith na shuidhe air mullach an slapag aice; am fear mòr, cruaidh, donn. Cuimhneachan air a màthair, beò na h-inntinn, ann am putanan.

Translation by the Gaelic Books Council

There it was. The tub, full of them – the flowery button that came from her mother’s blouse; the pink one that used to be on the top of her slipper; the big, brown, hard one. Memories of her mother, alive in her mind, through buttons.

Young writers (12-18) category winner

Dayna Ellora O'Loughlin, age 16

A little hand peeps out from under the couch, grasping for the button that has fallen from some giants coat. It will be days before its former owner misses it - rather, misses it filling the now empty space. But the gleeful little thing beneath the couch? They cherish it now.

Young writers (5-11) category winner

Robbie Ireland, age 11

1000 years ago, in a button universe. Something bought a new house. Her name was Mrs Mutton the Button. She went to her new house. unfortunately, the roof was missing! Worriedly, she dialled 999 and said "my roof is missing!" Spy five news said "no one is ever safe..."