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March 2020 winners

Our prompt for March 2020 was to write a story featuring washing up

Congratulations to the winners of our March 2020 competition. Feeling inspired? Have a go at this month's prompt.

Adult winner

Cat Thomson

Mrs Clark was askin’. Marigold, eh? Bonnie girl. After the flower, said she?

Didnae want tae tell hur I felt ma waters break efter tea. Then there was nae time tae git tae the hospital and she shot straight oot intae Jim’s hauns. He’d been doin’ the washin’ up.

Gaelic winner

Vivienne Goodman, age 11

Chuir mi na truinnsearan anns an t-sinc. Ghlan mi iad agus chuir mi iad dhan phreas.

An sin mhothaich mi rudeigin. Bha duine beag air fear de na truinnsearan. Dh'fhàs e nas motha agus nas motha. B' e buidseach a bh' ann. "ABRACADABRA!!" dh'èigh e. An sin bha mi beag bìodach.

Translation by Gaelic Books Council

I put the dishes in the sink. I cleaned them and put them in the cupboard.

Then I noticed something. There was a little man on one of the plates. He grew bigger and bigger. He was a wizard. “ABRACADABRA!!” he shouted. Then I was tiny.

Young writers (12-18) winner

Amelia Jones, age 15

An elderly woman stands alone in her kitchen, her hands submerged in water. The bubbles feel light on her skin; the room smells of apples. She smiles as she scrubs each cup and returns plates to their cabinets. She counts down the days until her next family dinner.

Young writers (5-11) winner

Robinson Cross, age 8

The whole family thought washing up was unnecessary. They just wiped their dirty plates on their heads and re-used them. Over the years, their crusty hair became a bristly garden and vegetables sprouted up. Eventually, they threw away the despicable crockery and ate the fresh vegetables straight off their heads.