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FastFiction week 6 winners

Our prompt for FastFiction week six was to write a story featuring a pier

Adult winner

Helen Chambers

We peer down at the impenetrable sea.

‘Goodbye John. We miss you. Rest in Peace.’

On the count of three, we drop the urn. It submerges, then slowly resurfaces, bobbing round the end of the pier like a beachball.

‘Always was a contrary old git.’

We watch him drift away.

Young writers (12-18) winner

Craig Bainton

She sat there, on the end of the pier. Her dark skin glistening in the sun light as she looked out to the distant fog and she thought to herself. “He’s out there, he’s across the water, looking back at me. He’ll be here one day,” but it wasn’t true.

Young writers (5-11) winner

Isla Thomas, age 9

At the end of an old fishing pier there were three stones in the shape of a smile and two just above that looked like eyes. Children would play tag around that face and sometimes, out of the corner of their eye, they thought they saw the grey eyes blink.