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FastFiction week 2 winners

Our prompt for FastFiction week two was to write a story about a bee

Congratulations to the winners of our FastFiction week two competition. Feeling inspired? Have a go at the current prompt. (this will open in a new window)

Adult winner

Elyse Bernhart

Its wings an ethereal shimmer in the sun. Its buzzing a reassuring hum. ‘I got it!’, you exclaim - one wing crumpled, the other lost on impact, motionless and still. I stare, crestfallen, as the pollen of a hundred flowers stains your tissue yellow. ‘It’s safe now’, you smile.

Young writers (12-18) winner

Emily McCluskey, age 16

There are bees in my head. Sorry.

They made a nest last summer. I plastered over my mouth. I can’t fumigate them; I don’t want to. I want to peel back the plaster and let them sting you. 

I didn’t put them there. Say you’re sorry.

Young writers (5-11) winner

Sachin Prakash, age 10

The bees flap their helicopter-plant wings frantically, thrusting bulging abdomens onto the sunflower. Enraged by this harmless action, stubborn girls throw weighty rocks at the towering sunflower, knocking the gentle bees and the brittle stems of the plants. The fruit in the orchard will not be tasty this season.