My Medals for Running

By Lachie Johnston

I kept a secret, I didn't want to tell anyone. I wanted it to be just for me. I was in my late thirties whet I took up running. It made me feel good and I enjoyed it.

The coach's name was Willie. He was nice and he encouraged me to get better. I exercised and trained and I got better and faster. When Willie thought I was ready, I entered some races.

We travelled as a team in a mini-bus to Meadowbank in Edinburgh and to Dumbarton and to Ayr. It was exciting going to the competitions but I was also very nervous before the start of the races.

Willie trained me well though, because I won some medals. A Gold, a Silver, and a Bronze. I felt very proud to receive my medals, I was so emotional.

After the races we would all celebrate in the pub.