By M J Petrie

My secret confession is; “I see ghosts; a closet clairvoyant am I.”
I talk to the dead and the dying, you see; I talk to them and they talk to me.
Since I was a child I have seen ghosts; they're just like you and I.
They come to tell their stories, and show me how they died.
When I was two, I could see an invisible world in front of me.
Sitting outside in my pram, the spirits and ghosts did me no harm.
My granny read the tea leaves, and shared what she could see.
Her predictions were uncanny, but she never took a fee.
When I was young, I used to play with spirit friends every day.
When I went out, I'd see ghosts there; I'd see them almost everywhere.
Sometimes they would pass me by; some would laugh and some would cry.
Others, they would speak to me; they'd ask directions, say 'Good day',
or tell me what they had to say, to pass to loved ones when I may.
I have seen ghosts, throughout my youth; At first I shared my vision,
but I was told I must not tell; and that was their decision!
They said, folk would not understand; they'd say I was a witch.
They said I had to pray for help, and I should join the church.
For many years, I told no-one, when I talked to the dead.
I dared not share their messages, and cried at night in bed.
Growing up, I still saw ghosts, but I became afraid,
of what to say, or who to tell; frustration filled my head.
When I left home, the ghosts came too; I saw them everywhere.
They asked me for my help again; they asked me if I cared.
I said, I did, 'I do, I will.' I said, 'I'll do my best.'
I asked for visits in daytime; at night I had to rest.

They agreed, and thanked me, for helping them once more.
Throughout the years, so many ghosts, came knocking at my door.
Some were children, lost in time; who needed help, and spoke in rhyme.
Ethereal beings also visit, with wisdom they wish to share. 
They help me in my daily life, and really seem to care.

Haunted homes, persistent ghosts, forced me once again.
I was the flame, and they, the moths; they saw me as their friend.
I'd listen to them, and find out why, they chose to hang around.
I'd do my best to help them, then tell them when I'd found;
their loved ones, lost in limbo, if they were still around.

I see ghosts and hear them; I speak to them at home.
They call me up and ask for help, on the psychic telephone.
Spirits often visit; some family and friends.
All of them have words to share, or love they wish to send.

I have a portal on my stair, I hear a tune, and ask, “Who’s there?”
Most spirits say, “Hallo, it's me, there's something I would like to say.”
“Please tell my wife I'm worried; she needs to check things out.
She needs to see the doctor; of that I have no doubt.
Her health, you see, is important, I love her very much.
Please tell her not to be afraid; that God will shine his torch....”
“....It's dad here; I've brought granny through.
We want to say, “We're proud of you.”

I'm not ashamed of who I am, I see, and hear, and touch;
Your loved ones who've passed over; they love you very much.
Bringing comfort, peace and hope; they help you with your pain to cope.
Inspiration, they also bring; the children have a bell they ring.
I am clairvoyant, this is true, most people, though, don't have a clue.
No longer hiding who I am, I'm out, and I am proud;
I'll tell the world, that I SEE GHOSTS!, and SHOUT IT VERY LOUD!