I didn't usually tell people

By Bruce Lumsden

I didn't usually tell people, I was in denial.
It sometimes felt like a disease, and was always a trial.
Once you've caught it, there's no going back, it's going to last forever.
You'll feel elated or depressed, or both in equal measure.

I couldn't find a remedy, no medicine, nor potion.
Its testosterone, adrenaline, and every human emotion
Long term there were years when it slipped into remission.
Then back it came, to bite my bum, without asking for permission.

I longed for relief, to ease the pain, to make it go away,
but every year it grew and grew, until that fateful day.
I couldn't face it, I was scared, and hid myself in shame.
I didn't want to be there,to grin and bear the pain.

It's over now thank goodness, I can walk the streets with pride.
No more dodging into doorways, no necessity to hide.
I can hold my head up proudly, I can speak about the past.
I can sleep soundly in my bed, Hibs have won the cup at last.