It was kind of you to let me know,
So sad to hear the news
I’ll send some flowers and a card, of course
It won’t be me who rocks upon the bed
with gasping breath.
It’s been a lifetime, after all
too long to be concerned
with a life from so long ago
An accident you said, his car
He always drove too fast     
A shock, he was too young to go
So sorry that I won’t be there
to mourn. It’s truly not because
I couldn't bear the pain
it’s just that it’s so far to come
for a life from so long ago
It’s really of no consequence
that I won’t gaze upon the grave
it’s not that he would even know,
and no-one else will care
and anyway, what right have I
to steal a share of grief
from others with more claim than me
to a life from so long ago
I’ll pour a drop upon the floor
play tributes, Back in Black
and light a candle in his name
try and blunt the knife which slices
and serrates my younger soul
the one he used to know so well
because it’s not as if I could miss him
a love from so long ago.