Displacement: Rachel McCrum

This is an extract from work in progress, written during Rachel's stay in Grez as part of the Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship. 

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Notes and big ideas from the book

Displacement – 'Two bodies cannot exist in the same place at the same time.'


Consumption: eat one another?


Quantum physics [ha!]?


Displacement in psychoanalysis – when the brain fixates on something other than the main issue.

Displacement in language – Lacan – metonymy/synecdoche: substitute the part for the whole. Take up less space.

Attention as our limiting factor, as humans.

How we perceive the threat of someone encroaching on our space: defensiveness, aggression. Even when the space is elastic enough to take.

Ideas of resistance: protest – subversion – slowing down? Change direction? Alert & inform? Twist & escape? Block, stop, obstruct? That there must always be a point of contact.