New Writers Awards 2016: Robert McGinty

Children's and Young Adult

Robert McGinty grew up in Fife and studied English Literature and History in Edinburgh and Information Studies in Aberdeen. He now lives in Edinburgh with his wife and ten-month-old son. He works full time and writes in the evenings whenever the baby is asleep.

His first novel, Hell Money, was shortlisted for the 2005 Wow Factor, a competition run by Waterstones and Faber for debut children’s novelists.

He is currently working on his second Young Adult novel, The Dead Men of Pendragon House, an adventure based on an updated version of the Arthurian legends of Thomas Malory.

As well as writing novels Robert also writes articles and short stories for his blog ‘Don’t Burst My Bubble’, encompassing a variety of styles and subjects.

Robert aims to create page-turning, exciting fiction for all ages and is thrilled to be given the opportunity of a New Writers Award.


Writing sample

The man was lying on his back, his thick arms by his sides. The sheets about him were now smooth and orderly; all the wires and tubes that had been in his arms, nose and mouth had been removed; the various machines that had been busy were now silent, pushed away into corners of the room.

Tom sat in the chair beside the pillows, near the greying head.

The man’s skin was yellow and the strange bruise on his left temple which had been so livid during his last hours was now almost completely faded. Tom put his hand over the man’s thick fingers and found them cold to touch.

Tom could think of nothing nice to say. There was nothing nice in him that he wanted to say. There was only anger.

The barrel of the man’s chest was completely still, the face stiff. He looked a hundred years older than he was.

‘I’m glad you’re dead, William Lake,’ he said.


Robert says:

"I am absolutely delighted to win a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award. It is a real boost to my confidence and an encouragement to keep working hard. Writing can be a solitary pursuit and it is wonderful to have this outside recognition."