Ignite Fellowship

Applications for the Ignite Fellowship 2019 are now closed. We're delighted to introduce our Ignite 2019 fellows, Annie George and Marjorie Lotfi Gill.

Recognising the achievements of talented, professional authors the Ignite Fellowship 2019 offers tailored practical and financial support to help writers continue to expand their craft.

The awards, which have been developed in consultation with our Writers Advisory Panel, are a renovation of our existing Mentoring programme. We recognise that professional writers need a range of support for their career and the awards will provide a flexible programme to suit the individual needs of the selected awardees. 

There are 3 awards available in total. We are working in partnership with the Gaelic Books Council to provide one award specifically for a writer working in Gaelic. We also strongly encourage applications from writers working in Scots.   

Awardees receive:

  • A £2000 bursary
  • Tailored creative project support

We will work with the writers to discuss their needs and identify the most useful support within a budget of £1500. This may include mentoring, a manuscript appraisal, editorial feedback or research and development. 

In addition to the tailored creative project support the following opportunities will also be available:

  • A week-long writing retreat at Moniack Mhor (alongside writers from the New Writers Awards programme).
  • Optional training in Press, PR and Social Media and Performance and Presentation.
  • A showcase event in a bookshop (to be organised with the selected writers).
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Other reasonable support (including marketing, promotion and press) as needed.
  • Reasonable travel expenses for all trips to attend programme commitments.  

The fellowship will run for one year. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • Writers must be based in Scotland to apply.
  • The Ignite Fellowship 2019 is open to anyone who meets the criteria for our Live Literature Database. You do not need to be on the database to apply. We welcome applications from writers, comic makers, poets, illustrators, storytellers, playwrights and spoken word artists.
  • The Fellowship will support writers with a particular project (including novels, poetry, screenplays and radio scripts). To apply, you must have a project that still needs development. This project can be in the very early stages of development (such as an idea, outline or pitch) or relatively well formed, but not completed. If you have any specific questions about this, please get in touch.
  • The project can be similar to one work completed before – for example a new book in a familiar genre – or one that sees authors switching genre or medium. For example, a poet who’d like to write a screenplay, a writer for adults creating work for children, an illustrator looking to write a novel, a novelist working on a piece of narrative non-fiction or a playwright working on a novel. Playwrights looking for support with their theatre work should look into opportunities available with Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland.
  • Writers who have received support from us before (e.g. New Writers Awards) may apply, provided they meet the criteria above. The panel will take previous support into consideration.
  • Gaelic applicants currently in receipt of a Gaelic Books Council Commission Grant can also apply for the fellowship. Please note that the panel will take this into consideration and a reduced bursary may be offered. However, all other aspects of the support package will be made available where appropriate.

As the awards are a new development, we welcome any feedback: applications@scottishbooktrust.com

Judging panel to be confirmed.

Gaelic applications will be assessed by a separate panel organised by the Gaelic Books Council.

Check our Privacy Statement to see how we use and store information about your application.


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