How to Promote Your Availability Through the Live Literature Database

  • Live Literature supports authors and helps authors to be paid for their work
  • Make sure people that you are contacting about events in Scotland know you are registered to carry out Live Literature events
  • If you are an author registered for Live Literature events and you have a leading role in an organisation, you can’t be the author featured in your organisation’s sessions

Scottish Book Trust cannot promote your individual profile for you; we do not have the resources to do this for everyone. If you would like to write a blog post for our website linked to your experiences with Live Literature, please get in touch (

However, there is a lot that you can do to promote your availability to organisers.


Use what you are already doing

Make sure people whom you are contacting about events in Scotland know you are able to carry out Live Literature events. Even a simple link in your existing email signature or a link to your profile on the workshops or contact page of your website, if you have one, will help. Just as organisers may not know that you are able to carry out events through the programme, you might not know they are applying for sessions.


Read the advice out there

Scottish Book Trust has a lot of relevant, up-to-date resources about promoting yourself as an author – and how to make sure it doesn’t take too much time away from your creative work!


Conflicts of interest

If you have a leading role (e.g. director, manager, Board, chair, committee, senior management) within an organisation, you can’t apply for sessions held by the organisation where you would be the featured author. If your organisation is awarded sessions, you can’t be paid a Live Literature fee for appearing at an event held by your organisation. In exceptional circumstances, email before planning your session.


Can you give me a list of organisations that have received funding?

No. We hold your private contact details confidentially and we do the same for event organisers. If you would like to contact someone at a specific organisation with a particular query, we are happy to pass your email on. Please be aware that we reserve the right not to pass on an unreasonable number of emails, as we may not have the staff time to do this, particularly during busy periods of our programme.


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