Marketing Lab: Rachael Fulton’s Tips for Taking Part in a TV interview

Rachael Fulton, a journalist formerly of STV, on how to make the most of a TV interview opportunity.

Tips for taking part in TV Interviews

  • Work out a message: Before the date of your interview, take the time to work out what message you want to convey and how you’d like to be seen.
  • Talk in soundbites: TV interviewers will love you if you talk in soundbites, so don’t worry about stopping to calmly think about what you want to say and taking a breath before answering.
  • Work on your voice patterns: Think about your speech. Try and keep your tone of voice level, don’t go up at the end of your sentences, and do your best to eliminate ‘ums’, ‘ehs’ and ‘wells’.
  • Remember body language: It’s also worth thinking about your body language. Keep your head up and your shoulders back to appear confident and to engage with your interviewer.
  • Have fun: Do your best to enjoy the experience! There might be a camera standing nearby but you’re still just having a conversation and it’s about something important to you – your book!

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