Marketing Lab: Lynsey May on Creating Copy for Your Writer Website

Promoting yourself might not come naturally to you, but as publishers are forced to operate on ever smaller margins, it’s a skill you should try and develop.

Tips for writing your own web copy

  • Embrace self promotion: Think about how easy you find it to promote and big up your friends and colleagues and try to capture some of that objectivity and enthusiasm for your own writing projects.
  • Take advice: If that’s too difficult, sit down a few of your friends and ask them to write a list of the things they think you should be saying about your own work. Use their comments as a basis for your web copy.
  • Harness your creativity: Consider your website as a create space just like your own writing. All of the information on there should be there for a very good reason. If there’s no clear goal for any sentences, delete them.
  • Play to your strengths: Use the skills you’ve honed in your creative writing to help make your website sing – whether that’s writing short and snappy homepage copy or long and lyrical blog posts.

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