Marketing Lab: JL Williams’s Tips for Poets Hoping to be Programmed at Festivals

Poet and events programmer JL Williams has a wealth of experience in putting together great literary events and she currently work as a Projects & Engagement Coordinator for the Institute for Academic Development at the University of Edinburgh. She shares a few top tips for writers hoping to get on the bill.

Literay festival tips for poets

  • Be nice!: Very high on the list of advice for writers approaching programmers is to be polite, responsive and a nice person to work with. This doesn’t trump the quality of writing, but is a big factor when considering an event invitation.
  • Stay polite online: The same goes for your social media presence. Programmers talk to each other and pay attention, if you’re rude in person or online there’s a good chance they’ll find out about it.
  • Stay stoic: Be resilient and patient and don’t take things too personally. Programmers are under a lot of pressures and a no now doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be a no. Bide your time.
  • Be involved: Try to be a vibrant member of your community. Supporting and shining a light on your contemporaries can help make you someone to watch too.
  • Seperate writing and marketing: Stay true to yourself and look inside yourself for your writing. When it comes to marketing, think of it as a day job and treat it with the kind of respect that deserves.

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