Marketing Lab: Adrian Mead’s Networking Tips

Writer and director of film and television Adrian Mead shares his top tips for networking.

How to network: a writers' guide

  • Forget 'networking': First, just delete the word ‘networking’. Think about the time you spend with other professionals as social time and concentrate on putting others at ease.
  • Be prepared: Go in prepared and feeling confident. Find ways to provide value to others. For example, share details of current competitions or events.
  • Do your research: Avoid feeling overwhelmed at big events by researching who might be there beforehand. You might find out something about the attendees that gives you a great opportunity to connect.
  • Prepare an exit line: When you feel that a particular chat has gone on long enough, end the interaction gracefully. Say something like: 'it's been great meeting you, can I get a card?’
  • Rethink and reframe: Work on reframing the whole situation – focus on sharing and chatting and banish the misconception you have to be a slick salesperson to be a successful networker.

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