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  • Little boy reading with a lady

    Look and Say What You See in the Town

    There is lots to look at in ‘Look and Say What You See in the Town’ and Granny uses this book to inspire lots of conversation with her Grandson. It’s great to link this book to what your child knows or has experienced.

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  • Parents reading with toddler

    One Mole Digging a Hole

    This simple, rhyming counting book is lots of fun – and you can see how much this family loves sharing it together. The wee boy loves taking the time to count the animals on each page and the way his mum points as she counts will help him learn.

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  • Mum and baby reading together

    All About Spot

    This classic picture book is a favourite! You can see how much baby Esme loves sharing this Spot book with her mum. She is really looking at the pictures and even joins in by cooing and gurgling along. It’s a lovely short book, so mum takes the chance to read it more than once.

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  • Theresa Breslin

    Outstanding Achievement 2019: Theresa Breslin

    We are delighted to announce Theresa Breslin as the winner of the Scottish Book Trust Outstanding Achievement Award 2019.

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  • Deena Wren

    Learning Professional 2019: Deena Wren

    We are delighted to announce Deena Wren, librarian at Beeslack Community High School in Midlothian as the winner of the Scottish Book Trust Learning Professional Award 2019.

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  • Sav Akyuz drawing on stage

    Authors Live: Sav Akyüz

    Storyboard artist Sav Akyüz discusses how he built a career on illustration in this event for teens.

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