Authors Live: Nicola Davies

We were joined by bestselling author and zoologist Nicola Davies for a wild Authors Live broadcast all about animals and the natural world!

Watch this event to learn some amazing facts about huge and dangerous animals. In this session Nicola answers questions about her writing and her work as a zoologist. Nicola also treats viewers to an exciting extract from her book The Lion Who Stole My Arm, a fictional story which is inspired by her research into deadly animals. 

A full transcript of this event is available here.

If you only do one thing

If you would like to do an activity with your class inspired by Nicola's event, why not try the following?

Why we need predators

Ask your pupils to pick a predator and imagine they are that animal. Ask them to write a response to the humans who believe they are dangerous. This response should do the following:

  • Inform the humans of how vital they are to the local ecosystem.
  • Explain the reasons why they attack humans – often animals only attack when they feel threatened.
  • Explain how humans can keep themselves safe around them: for instance, wolves don’t like direct eye contact, and many predators will not identify you as a threat if you make noise to make yourself known to them.

Pupils could then use their written response and perform a short speech, or act out a piece of drama to get their messages across.

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