Authors Live: The Making of Katie Morag with Mairi Hedderwick

In this event Mairi Hedderwick brought her most famous character, Katie Morag to Authors Live. Mairi shared her thoughts on island life, told the wonderful story of Tiresome Ted and even brought Katie's prized possession along on the day. 

Please note: The live Q&A is no longer available

To download a complete transcript of this event, click here. 


If you only do one thing

If you are pushed for time but would like to do an activity inspired by Mairi's event, why not try this creative writing task?

Write a Postcard

Ask pupils to imagine they are on holiday at the Isle of Struay and to write a postcard home to a friend. Pupils could tell their friends what they have been up to, what the weather is like, if they are missing anything and whether or not they have met Katie Morag!

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