Authors Live: Jonny Duddle

Walk the plank and join the author and illustrator Jonny Duddle on a pirate adventure. Jonny shares stories about his own life on the sea, (travelling as a real pirate!) and gives some top tips on how to create the perfect pirate illustration. Watch it now, matey.

If you only do one thing

We know time is short, so here is just one activity you could do before or after watching the broadcast.

It's a pirates life for me!

To get your pupils enjoying some pirate related physical education, why not play the pirate ship game? Shout out different directions for pupils to follow. For example, for "port" pupils run to the left hand side, for "starboard" they run to the right, for "stern" they run to the back of the hall, or for "hit the deck" they sit down. You can get a full list of different actions online to make your pirate game more complex! 

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