Authors Live: The Etherington Brothers

The Etherington Brothers will entertain you in this fabulously informative graphic novel workshop, which explores character creation, settings and keeping your plot sction-packed. Watch to gain a wealth of useful writing tips for creating comics. 

If you only do one thing

We know time is tight, so here is just one activity you could do with your class before or after watching this event. 

Genre wheel of fortune

In the broadcast the Etherington Brothers use their genre wheel of fortune wheel to create a mashed up, new unusal story. Create your own genre wheel of fortune in class. In the event, romance, comedy, crime and horror are used. Ask your pupils if they can think of any other genres to add to the list. What other types of books do they like reading? Ask each pupil to create their own wheel including the genres they like reading. This wheel could be used in future to support creative writing activities, merging different genres to create unique story. 

A complete transcript of this event is available to download.


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