Authors Live: The Etherington Brothers

Watch this fabulously entertaining and informative workshop with the Etherington Brothers, the writers and illustrators behind Monkey Nuts, Baggage, Long Gone Don and Freaky Giblets (as well as the Transformers and Star Wars comics)!

In this session it's writing tips galore, delivered through a variety of improbable characters like Bob the Zombie, a sky-diving pig and a French Harry Potter. You'll find out how to create characters, bring settings to life, keep an exciting plot going, and much more!

This session was recorded live in partnership with BBC Scotland Learning at the Edinburgh Festival 2013.


To download a complete transcript ofthis event, please click here.


How else can I use Authors Live events in the classroom?

Authors Live events are great fun and exciting for pupils, and they're far from a one-off activity. Check out our Get Inspired section to find out how Authors Live events have been used at primary and secondary to provide a fun and meaningful learning experience for pupils.

Also, you can have a look at our case study package for the Etherington Brothers' tour in March 2013 to get some more ideas!


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