Authors Live: Eoin Colfer

On World Book Day 2011 Eoin Colfer, the hilarious author of the phenomenally popular Artemis Fowl series joined us to share stories from his life. Watch this event to hear about inspiration for his own writing and answer questions from the live audience.

If you only do one thing

If you are pressed for time but would like to do an activity inspired by the Artemis Fowl series, why not try the following creative exercise with your class?

Design a 'wanted' poster for Artemis Fowl LIT 2-16a, ENG 2-19a, LIT 2-20a, ENG 2-31a

This poster needs to capture the attention of all Haven citizens and encourage them to help capture Artemis. As a class or in groups ask pupils to think carefully about the following:

  • What do they know about Artemis – his age and appearance, etc.
  • The reasons for wanting him captured.
  • Whether they would want him captured dead or alive and their reasons for this.
  • An appropriate reward and why they have chosen this.

Top tips for creating a 'wanted' poster:

  • Include a large picture of the criminal.
  • Make sure the text ‘WANTED’ and the criminal’s name is bold and is eye catching.
  • Make any other text to the point. Should the creatures of Haven be wary of Artemis – why? Is there anything else the creatures in Haven should know about the criminal? Eg – should he be feared/approached?
  • Who should the creatures of Haven contact if they have any information about the criminal? How should they contact them? 



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